16 January 2007

Let The Heart Be Your Guide - "Marty" (1955)

Marty Piletti is thirty-four-years-old Italian American living in New York City. He was supposed to go to college but his father passed away prematurely and Marty had to go to work to help his mother handling the family issues. He has got good manners and is sensitive. People who are willing to hurt others with no reason he doesn’t understand. He is a man of a good heart.
Brothers and sisters of Marty are married. He is the oldest one but still remains single. He used to look for a woman but he is always receiving rejection so he doesn’t believe in his luck with women any more. Marty’s mother and her friends put pressure on him to get married as soon as possible what makes him frustrated and upset.
Ernest Borgnine who impersonates Marty gives an acting lesson to all with absolutely smashing performance. He acts delightful. His facial expression, his eyes, his mouth, his gesticulation and voice are top class and show off in the scene when Marty talks on the phone but audience sees and hears only him. With no doubt it is an effort that deserves an Academy Award winner.
"Marty" is a movie about normal problems of a normal people. It’s authentic and honest. It could be considered as a comedy but isn’t life a mix of comedy and drama? This movie is our life. Life can be disappointing if one isn’t able to see the bright side of it. Marty can and he knows what makes him happy. No matter what others think. He listens to his heart and intuition. That for sure is a good way to change his life for better.

Other meaningful titles with Borgnine are "The Dirty Dozen" (1967), "The Wild Bunch" (1969) and "Emperor of the North" (1973).

Kaohsiung (27-11-2006)

"Marty" (1955), directed by Delbert Mann, starring: Ernest Borgnine, Betsy Blair, Joe Mantell.

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