16 January 2007

Distant Dream - "Moby Dick" (1956)

The ocean is wide as the world is and dangerous and unpredictable as God’s will but there is a man who is not afraid of its power. His name is captain Ahab. No storm, no wind, no waves, no death is to frighten him. He is blinded with only one aim and he will ruin himself in his endless pursuit. His nightmare’s name is Moby Dick. Great, white and vicious whale that lives in the depths of the cold and merciless sea.
Herman Melville died in 1891 and never seen his most famous novel’s (published in 1851) 3.000 copies first print sold out. At the time it was considered a failure but one century later is labeled as one of the most important American books.

John Huston brings Melville’s novel to the screen with an extraordinary result. Darkness, mustiness and awe of the ocean. Scenes full of excitement and tension. Nervousness and fever is seen in character’s eyes. This movie lives its own life.
Thanks to wonderful Gregory Peck for creating captain Ahab’s figure. Mysterious and obsessed man, driven by vengeance, restless in his hunt for the whale that haunts his thoughts. Captain had turned his life into a never-ending chase which consequences are tragic. Inexpressible power and weight of the ocean is the thing to imagine after the show of "Moby Dick". It will move spectator’s mind and make him realize that no man can challenge the ocean. It’s beyond human’s limits and it’s a war he cannot win. Apart from that, there is always a person that must follow his goals and aims at any cost. One of them is Ahab. He is an epitome of an idealist, tyrant who conforms everything to his desires what finally makes him an extremely dangerous man. Man who fears the people. Man who chose his own way.

Kaohsiung (06-11-2006)

"Moby Dick" (1956), directed by John Huston, starring: Gregory Peck, Richard Basehart, Leo Genn.

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