16 January 2007

Death After Life - "Fearless" (1993)

Wide view of violated corn field. Smoke. Scattered and burned objects. Tragic sight of crashed, torn apart and knocked around big passenger plane. Fire brigade and ambulance staff trying to help maltreated and shocked people. Only few made it.
Max Klein has no scratch, no single bruise. He seems to be the only man who survived the horror and sustained no harm. He is not tormented by nightmares about what has happened. Not even scared to fly again, what is very surprising because he used to be afraid of it. Furthermore, he got rid of severe allergy. He feels like he has born again.
He cannot believe he passed through the death. All his questions remain unanswered. An irrational experience put him into completely new reality. After what has happened, Max redefines his life. He starts meditating about luck, fate, faith and God. He is able to look at himself and his family from totally revealing perspective. Max notices and appreciates things that he used to take for granted and obvious. Wind, sunlight, freedom and food flavors. Most important matter he uncovers is a value of life and its fragile form.
Peter Weir’s masterpiece presents deep study of near and after death experiences. Desperate cry of a man who is not able to understand his situation. He was given a gift of immortality that finally turns his family life to a ruin. Some see Savior in Max, but in fact he is a man from bone and flesh. He is a proof that people are capable of God’s acts.

Kaohsiung (02-10-2006)

"Fearless" (1993), directed by Peter Weir, starring: Jeff Bridges, Isabella Rossellini, Rosie Perez, John Turturro.

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