16 January 2007

Invisible Enemy - "The Enemy Below" (1957)

This exciting movie presents a thrilling picture of a duel between two individuals in persons of wonderful actors Robert Mitchum and Curd Jurgens. Both impersonate warship captains in times of World War II at The Atlantic.

On one side there is a crew of an American destroyer ship. Those fresh soldiers have not seen much battle so are eager to fight and at early stages consider their commander as a "feather merchant" which suppose to mean he was not a professional officer before the conflict burst.
On the other side, below the Americans to be precise, there is a metal coffin, u-boot, a Nazi German submarine. Those experienced and fatigued folks had seen more then the others. Their captain is sick of war and despises Hitler for what he had done to people of Germany. At the same time captain is a man of honour and value.
Film shows the battle between two intelligent and talented strategists who are aware of each other’s skills and abilities. Without an eye contact, after exhausting and destructive pursuit, they somehow manage to understand each other and, at the crucial moment of their challenge, to act like a real leaders do. With respect for an enemy who stands his goals till the end.

"The Enemy Below" offers an impressive shots of a sea battle with exploding torpedoes and mines. Open space of the water and sky as a destroyer cuts the face of the ocean and shocking view of squeezed men placed in a ship under the surface. Wind, sun and air above. Sweat, crush and pressure below. Pain, fear and commitment are common.

Kaohsiung (11-12-2006)

"The Enemy Below" (1957), directed by Dick Powell, starring: Robert Mitchum, Curd Jurgens, David Hedison, Theodore Bikel.

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